The Holding at Joyous Reach
The Holding at Joyous Reach

Welcome to our website.

Welcome to the online presence for the Holding at Joyous Reach, a leather family located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The Holding consists of multiple households who have come together under the banner of Master Wes to grow and learn together. 

The Holding is also the full time, polyamorous, pansexual Master/slave household of Master Wes, slave terry, and baby girl Charlotte Marie. This is not something that we do, this is a core part of who and what we are. 

  • In the medieval period a Holding was an outpost bordering a wilderness or unfriendly region, led by a minor nobleman to where the surround area could retreat in times of danger
  • In nautical terms, a reach is a calm stretch of water suitable for safe anchorage and shelter.
  • We joyfully reach out to embrace our family, new and old.

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