The Holding at Joyous Reach
The Holding at Joyous Reach

The Holding at Joyous Reach is the name chosen by Master Wes for his Leather family residing in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, USA. The Holding at Joyous Reach is a real world, full time, polyamorous, pansexual Master/slave household. The values of Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Trust are key to our continued success, and we honor leather traditions as taught to us by our mentors.

Medieval guild structures, influenced by the Rule of St. Benedict form the basic household structure. There are three levels within our household organization: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Senior, which equate to the trade guild model of apprentice, journeyman and master. These levels apply to both Masters and slaves, with advancement based on an evaluation of the individual by themselves, their peers, and the Senior Masters and slaves of the household.

In addition to their level, members of the household may be either in residence or ex residence. To become a member in residence requires a unanimous vote of all members currently in residence.

The final category of household membership is associate membership. Associate members include probationary members being considered for full membership, those being mentored by the household, and those invited to become honorary household members in recognition of their contributions to our community.

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